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Glass fiber cloth

Fiberglass cloth is a fabric woven with fiberglass.
Fiberglass cloth for electrical purposes is made of alkali-free, aluminum-borosilicate fiberglass. Its heat resistance is high, moisture absorption is small, soft, high tensile strength, good insulation performance, so use it to make many kinds of insulation materials, such as glass ribbon, glass cloth, glass fiber tube, glass sericin board and wire braided layer.
Flame retardant fiberglass cloth is made of fiberglass cloth coated with flame retardant coating on one or both sides. Generally used inorganic flame retardant agent to make halogen-free low smoke flame retardant glass fiber cloth tape, used as halogen-free low smoke flame retardant or fire retardant cable wrapping tape, can effectively improve the flame retardant performance of xLPE, ETHYLENE propylene rubber insulated cable.

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