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Introduction of rock wool board technology characteristics

The processing of building space protective materials represented by Rock Wool Board manufacturers occupies a very important position in the domestic market. A lot of rock wool industry technology is superior, for people's industry construction and application to provide good material guarantee and wide application of technology, further very people's industry market construction and application space.

In the practice of industrial technology in Shangrao area, many enterprises have produced a large number of construction products through the integration of foreign protection and comprehensive technology processing, which has brought good technical support to people's industrial construction industry application.

Rock wool board is in the basalt and other rock materials in nearly 1500 degrees of temperature conditions, and other materials together, adding adhesives, hydrophobic agents and other additives after the production of a complex process of rock wool products. Rock wool board manufacturers in the production of rock wool board when the use of the world's most advanced centrifugal technology, the use of advanced machines for fibrosis after the rock cutting and molding. The quality of the product in China belongs to the highest level, according to the different cutting methods, can form different products.

Domestic market demand for rock wool board is very large, rock wool board manufacturers also see bright prospects, increase efforts to study how to produce better rock wool board. Rock wool board is widely used. With the frequent occurrence of fire accidents in China, people realize that building exterior wall insulation must use high-quality materials. Rock wool board is a good insulation material, which can also prevent high temperature after the accident of fire, and gradually improve its position in the construction industry.

Hydrophobic rock wool board is a kind of material with good resistance to water, its application is mainly in some of the more complex environment for thermal insulation environment. Ordinary rock wool material has a certain thermal insulation and isolation properties, but in the use of water is often not very good resistance, in the face of rain washing or some humid environment, rock wool material is easier to reflect a lot of external conditions, so as to affect the application of the whole panel.

Hydrophobic rock wool board characteristics more stable, and the application of good silicone material as a special waterproof, moisture-proof special waterproof agent, in the application can greatly improve the use of rock wool material properties, and constantly promote the application of special performance, the composite properties to a good level.
The price of this kind of material is relatively low, for the complex and changeable environment, especially for the storage and protection of a lot of high requirements of the warehouse, the application of hydrophobic rock wool board will play a very good practical effect, to provide a good way for people to solve the problem.

Water-repellent rock wool board that can effectively resist aging and water erosion

Generally speaking, thermal insulation structures are filled with a large number of pores and air, the existence of these pores in the material will form one after another but an overlay of thermal resistance. So after a certain thickness of thermal insulation material, thermal resistance has become very large, so that the heat flow will become very small, to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation, and once it is soaked in water, its internal pores are filled with water, lost the thermal resistance of the material insulation performance is greatly reduced, this is also the reason for the development and production of water rock wool board.

In actual working condition, the probability of all kinds of insulation materials in contact with the water is very big, not only because water is a kind of important industry of the working medium, and in the daily environment an occasional rain, such as hydrophobic rock wool board can effectively prevent water infiltration in the structure to avoid damage of structure performance materials has become a rare products.

Hydrophobic rock wool board is processed by using special substances to rock wool, so that the surface is full of hydrophobic materials, so that when in contact with water, the surface will reject water molecules, so as to avoid the possibility of further diffusion to the interior, avoid the decline of its insulation performance, prolong its service life.

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